• ENGINE Shorts is a short film development and production scheme for

      emerging film talent in Limerick, Tipperary and Clare.

    • ENGINE Short Film Scheme

      Run by Innovate Limerick through Film in Limerick, Engine Shorts is a partnership between the Local Authorities in Tipperary, Limerick and Clare, and the Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board.


      The new scheme aims to inspire and support up-and-coming filmmakers to create world-class short films that resonate with a wide international audience.


      It will also offer the opportunity for emerging local crew to gain real-world experience on funded productions and to receive industry guidance. Shortlisted teams can avail of training to develop their project ideas and up to six teams will be awarded production funding of €12,500 each to produce a short film.

      Application Guidelines

      ENGINE shorts has a focus on training and supporting emerging writers, producers and directors in Tipperary, Clare and Limerick.


      The scheme is open to emerging directors and producers with filmmaking experience, as well new or experienced screenwriters. Practitioners working in other mediums such as television, theatre, literature and other forms of visual and/or performing arts who wish to work in narrative fiction filmmaking are also encouraged to apply.


      Full application guidelines and info on how to apply >


      The deadline for applications from writer, director, producer teams is Friday 29th January (12noon) 2021.


      Shortlist projects will receive training and further develop their ideas and be invited to pitch their ideas to an industry panel.


      Up to 6 films will be produced across Limerick, Clare and Tipperary from late March to May 2021 with further training and mentoring support provided.


      Crew Call-Out

      As well as training and supporting emerging writers, directors and producers, ENGINE shorts will provide opportunities for locally-based crew to work on up to 6 funded short film production across Limerick, Clare and Tipperary.


      We are very interested in hearing from aspiring and experienced crew who wish to get involved in working on the productions in all roles. Film in Limerick will do a CREW CAll-OUT in early 2021 for expressions of interest from both new and experienced crew who would like to put their names forward to work on the commissioned films.


      Make sure you are on the Film in Limerick mailing list to receive the Call-Out


      We want to see stories on screen that reflect life in the Mid-West region and we want to see crews that are made up of members from across all our communities.


      We encourage applications from those who are proportionately under-represented within the screen industries; disabled people, minority ethnic communities, women, LGBTQI+ groups and those who have been socially and economically disadvantaged by their circumstances and upbringing.


      We are aware of the lack of diversity in the screen industries and we want to work to improve this.

      About Film in Limerick

      Film in Limerick is the regional film office for the Mid-West region covering the counties of Limerick, Clare and Tipperary. We promote and support filming in the region as well as running training and production initiatives to develop local creative talent and crew.


      Film in Limerick is a project of Innovate Limerick and was developed to support the region’s rapidly growing film and TV industries.


      Film in Limerick runs ENGINE shorts as well as courses and other initiatives for aspiring and emerging filmmakers. Keep in touch with Film in Limerick activities by joining our mailing list here.

    • Applications Now Closed

      Applications were accepted from Wednesday 6th January to Friday 29th January (12noon) 2021.

    • We thank our funders for their continued support for training film talent in the region.