• ENGINE Short Film Scheme - F.A.Q. (updated 23/01/21)

    The following are some of the commonly asked questions about the scheme. If your questions is not answered in the guiltiness page or below you can email us at engineshorts [at] gmail.com


    Recent F.A.Q 18/11/22


    Q. I was a director, writer/director, a writer or producer on an Engine short last year. Can i apply again in the same role?


    A. Writers, Directors or Writers/Directors who were commissioned on one of the 6 short films in the 1st editon cannot apply again in this role with a project. If you were shortlisted in one of these roles but not commissioned, you can apply again in these roles.


    Producers on commissioned projects last year can apply again as producers but preference may be given to producers who have not been commissioned before. If you were shortlisted but not commisioned as a producer previously, you can apply as a producer again.


    Q. Can I apply with a project that was not shortlisted / or was shortlisted but not commissioned in the last edition. It's really different now and much better?


    A. No, we don't accept re-submissions.


    Q. Can I apply with a local production company who were previously commissioned / shortlisted.


    A. Yes, but preference may be given to local companies who were not commisoned in the last edition.


    Q. Can I apply with more than 1 project as main applicants (writers / writ/dir or producer applying)


    A. Yes, writers, writ/dir or producers can submit a maximum of 2 applictions.


    Other F.A.Q


    1: How can I apply?


    A: If you fulfil the eligibility requirements (please read all of the website for full info), you can apply as an individual writer, or as a team with a producer and director already attached (producer sends in the application). You can apply as a writer/director, with or without a producer but note that this training programme may give preference to projects with a separate writer and director.


    1b: Where do I apply?


    A. 'Apply Now' link is on the home page.


    1c: I understand that at least two out of the team of 3 ( writer, director, producer) need to be living in the region and the third person needs to have strong links to the region. Can you please clarify what strong links means please?


    A: 'Strong links' means either born, lived/studied for 3+ years or worked for several years (3+) in the region (and can provide evidence to support this) or have made a film in the region in the same role as applying (wri/dir/prod) that you can show us. The other 2 members need to be living in the region as stated.


    2: Can I apply as an individual?


    A: Yes, see above 1a


    3: Regarding the production element, would there be an issue if it was a co-production configuration between a Limerick / Clare or Tipp production company?


    A: As long as both production companies are located in the region we may allow it but it's not ideal and we don't feel that it is necessary. We will only deal with one company who will be our as main contact. Please note companies based outside the region cannot apply or be a producer or joint producer.


    4: Can we use a match fund from another source which up-scales our project capacity?


    A: Yes, if the funds are private (e.g own money or crowdfunding or a donation) and not connected to any other organisation or scheme. It's too complicated if the funds are from another funder who has different requirements (deliverables and deadlines).


    5: Do successful applicants need to take part in the training elements.


    A: Yes. This is a training programme/course with a production element, it is not a ‘film bursary’. All successful applicants will be required to take part in all training elements as you would sign up for any training programme.


    6: If unsuccessful, can we still be considered for the training?


    A: There may be some training events that are open to the wider public. We will advertise these events to our mailing list, but the majority of training will be only for shortlisted and commissioned teams. We recommend joining our mailing list so that you can be kept in the loop about future opportunities.


    7: Is the 10 min limit set in stone?


    A: Yes (the 10min duration also including credits). Note 3 minutes is the minimum duration we would consider, or anything in between.


    8: When will the shoots likely take place


    A: The plan is for productions to film and complete post production between April to May 2023. (Subject to change of course)


    9: How experienced do I need to be to direct my film?


    A: Directors need to evidence of previous successful directing work that has played internationally / been broadcast, or have significant experience working with actors, or have visual skills in another art form that will give us confidence that the individual would be able to direct a great short film. It is not a scheme for new directors.


    10: Does the storyline need to be fictional?


    A: If the story is based on a real person you will need to have a solid 'professional' signed agreement in place at time of application and reference this in your supporting statement. Otherwise it gets complicated. We prefer that ideas are fictional and not based on real living people.


    11: Are there any themes that are off-limits?


    A: Not necessarily, and all genres are welcome, but we won't commission films with violence that is unnecessary to the story, or material that is clearly offensive.


    12: Does the storyline need to be about the region?


    A: No, it just needs to be filmed in the region.


    13: If we apply on our own how will we find crew?


    A: We will do our best to support you to find a crew, including doing a a call out for crews. It is the full responsibility of each project though to find and complete their crews in time for the panel pitch.


    14: Can applicants be in part-time education when applying.


    A: Yes, you will need to supply evidence that its part-time and not full time. Full-time students are not eligible.


    15: Can actors be from outside the region?


    A: Yes, we will allow this if it is to work with a very experienced actor that is best suited to your script, but we also expect you to use local cast in your film as well.


    16: Will you help us with applications to film festivals? Who will pay the fees?


    A: We may be able to provide training and advise on submissions but successful individuals/teams will need to complete the forms and pay the fees for festivals. Am amount of money can be budgeted towards this expense by the producer.


    17: How often will I need to be available for the training? I work full time.


    A: The scheme is focused on developing individuals who want to pursue a career in film/TV production so you will need to have some flexibility to be able to attend all p/t training. You will also need time off for planning, production and post (we would suggest a total of 2-3 weeks in this instance). We will do our best to be flexible as well with times but you can expect to be busy at all stages with training, planning and production of your film.


    18: When will I know if my application is shortlisted?


    A: We plan to notify everyone by the end of January, Including unsuccessful applications.


    Good Luck!


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